$40.00 U.S per chart

Have a numerology chart of your new born.
Chose a name which will enhance his/her birth date.

Have a lovers compatibility chart done.
Learn how to understand your significant other!

Understand your difficult child
Learn how to modify your child's behavior through numerology.

Understand your difficult partner, or boss.
Change your animals name to modify behaviour.

With her Intuitive gifts, Beryl will motivate you to get the most out of your life. With the science of numerology, she is able to give you insight to your spiritual purpose in life and how to achieve it. Her vast experience in the area of preventative medicine, will assist you to become energetic and full of vitality. Since the age of 24 her life has been dedicated to her own spiritual growth and the spiritual growth of others.

She has touched the hearts and souls of thousands in her journeys throughout the world and continues to do so.

Readings can be in person or on the phone for the U.S.A.

        $95 U.S, one hour 

        $60  U.S. half hour

        $70 N.Z. for 1 hr

Email: bnozedar@yahoo.com with suggesed time for an appointment.